Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

 Sorry for the lame post yesterday. My ipod isn't cooperating with blogger lately and when I email post in it moves all my typing around so it was easier to only have pictures.

Today, Kristin and I got up and skipped church to go to Target. Kristin still struck out on finding jewelry (yesterday's mission too) but I got what I was after. Then we headed to the zoo. Kristin didn't know that the Henry Doorly Zoo is rated 3rd in the country. I think she enjoyed it. We didn't look at a lot of it because it was cold as evidenced by this waterfall freezing. We looked at the Desert Dome, the Orangutan exhibit, Gorilla House, where we saw if Kristin was as tall as a gorilla.


Then we headed over to the bear canyon, where we saw the Black bear playing in the water. He was scooping it up with one paw to drink but then licking his other paw as well. It was pretty amusing. Despite being really cold it made the zoo pretty nice cuz there was hardly any crowds. For some reason the inside of the Cat Complex was closed so we could only see the cats that were on the outside exhibits. It's unfortunate though, because this tiger sure thought there was something exciting going on inside.

I was going to take Kristin to California Taco after the Zoo and she was all excited for it. But it turned out they're closed on Sundays. So we ended up coming back to Dundee and going to the Dell. I enjoyed my Phillie and fried pickles. Kristin got the Dundee Melt, which she said was yummy too. After that, Kristin and I headed back to my apartment and I helped load her up so she could drive back to KC.

Since then I've been trying to catch up on some reading for Cardio, hopefully I won't have to study all of Thanksgiving break (esp. since I'm working 15 or so hours. I forgot to post a picture on Friday of my finished sock.

Voodoo got a new box today that Dana brought home from the grocery store. I like it cuz it says he's a cutie haha.

Can't get the pic to turn correctly right now. But I started my new mittens last night after Kristin helped me pick out yarn. Fingers crossed that they aren't too big.

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