Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Schools out for the summa, and much more

I've been writing this blog in my head since Saturday, as Friday was the last day of classes. But more stuff kept happening and not only was there no time to write the blog, but it was getting longer and longer in my head. So sorry about the long post but I promise you if you read to the end it'll be worth it. (Also sorry about so many pictures.)

So first up, the roomie went out of town on vacation for a couple days and I was on cat entertaining duty. Apparently Dexter didn't think I was entertaining enough and decided to prove he could ride a bicycle lol. It was pretty amusing, although I was a little worried he was gonna knock over the bike and have it land on him in a mess of cat/bike parts, but he got down without injuring himself :-).

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to participate in project Spectrum, but wasn't knitting anything in the right colour for May. I did manage to complete a green project for June though! This is Sexy Vesty in Cascade 220. I did a crochet border around the neck cuz I was running low on yarn, but I might like it better this way. I was debating whether the vest in combination with the plaid shirt was too That 70's Show. Timm voted yes, but everyone else voted no, so I wore it to my practical for school. Practical #2 to be specific, which I rocked!

The other exciting thing that happened in knitting land lately is my bird socks are FINISHED!!! (You might notice I'm wearing the outfit seen above in this picture lol). I finished them while I was at school after taking my practical. I found the perfect ribbon to go in the top at Mangelsen's, you can't tell well from this picture but it has a little ruffle on it :-). I'm pretty sure this is my biggest knitting accomplishment ever. I'm still in search of clear rainboots, if anyone finds them please send me a link or buy them in a size 9!! Unfortunately I finished them at the wrong time of year and it might be a while before they get some real wear.

Also remember how I promised a reward for reading to the end of this post . . . well these socks are in the middle ;-)

There are a TON of weddings among my classmates this summer. So Steph decided it would be awesome if we had a class bachelorette party for all our brides to be. I'm gonna say she's pretty much a genius. We decided to start out with dinner then continue onto drinking and possibly dancing. This is a picture of 8 of our 9 brides to be. All the brides wore colours and the other 20 of us wore black dresses. We created quite a spectacle in the Old Market. To the point that we had a couple families from Florida (in town for the college world series) stop us and take a picture with their sons (about a dozen middle school aged boys). It was an awesome night!

The weekend after that, Timm and I attended the wedding of our dear friends Audi & Cameron. It was pretty awesome. They had their ceremony at an old historical home. Instead of a traditional ceremony it was a tea party. We were invited to dress up and create a name for ourselves. I was Lady Emma Lindberg. Timm was Lord Buster O'Neil. We had a great time.

Later that evening they had their reception full of dancing, yummy food and a rainbow cake! They had a "photo booth" set up with different facial hairs, glasses, frames, and chalkboards that you could write on and strike a pose. This resulted in my by far favourite picture of Timm and me. I'm really excited to print it and put it in a frame!

The next day there was supposed to be a car show at the zoo, so Timm & I headed over to check it out. The car show ended up being a little disappointing (a few new corvette and some sweet Model A's but that was it), but the zoo itself always has something to put a smile on my face. This time I'm not sure which was better the friendly leopard or crazy Timm!

After that tiring weekend, I had my last week of school. I'm officially done with the first year of Physical Therapy school! I made it I'm now a PT2!! And most importantly I get a month and a half off to relax.

In celebration of the end of school and my new found freedom I went to the zoo with a few of my knitting friends on Friday and their kids (4 kids under the age of 3!!). It was a great time and definitely exhausting. The kids were super cute, but also excellent birth control lol. I adore Bailey's monkey backpack. I think the picture on the right may be the only time all three of them were looking at the same thing, the Tiger.

Then I had another bachelorette party to attend. This one was much smaller than the previous one.
It's one of the same brides with a few classmates and her future sister-in-law. We had a lot of fun. Particularly with a book of "challenges" for Sarah to perform throughout the night, including kissing the first guy with a mustache and asking 3 men how "big" they are. It was pretty hilarious. We also discovered that apparently no one carries around condoms anymore (another challenge).

After an exhausting Friday, I worked Saturday and Sunday. Then headed to Timm's for a few days.
Monday we decided to have some fun. We went over and saw the '39 Ford Tudor that Timm's thinking about buying (I definitely approve) and chatted with the owners (see more on Timm's blog). Then we grabbed some burgers and headed north.

It was such a pretty day to be driving and we rocked out to some good tunes on our was to Tea, SD. There we went into a few antique stores. We found this awesome Singer sewing machine. I also scored a Smurf's sheet that may be a dress in the near future. We saw a bunch of skulls, awesome furniture, cool dishes, and much more (again more pics on Timm's blog). I also saw a fabric store next to the antique mall that I REALLY wanted to go in, but it was closed because it was Monday (so lame lol). So we continued north.

We went up to Sioux Falls and poked around at the mall (where I scored a cute dress for $5), then headed to the theatre to see Cars 2 in 3D. It's pretty cute/funny and definitely worth the $$. After that we decided we needed some deliciousness. So we headed to the Red Lobster. My grandpa used to love Red Lobster and we would go there when I was really little and I'd get a Shirley Temple as a nice little treat. I always thought it was the coolest thing ever, especially the cherries that come in it, so of course I had to get one! Then I got a pound of crab!! It was so yummy! Timm decided to put his 3D glasses back on during dinner and be a dork (as usual). We skipped dessert because we were both full and hit the road back home.

So Tuesday, Timm had to go to work and I went with him, hoping to hook up with one of my friends that had just moved from Omaha to Sioux City. I watched some of Timm working on a tribal arm piece, then headed to lunch with Stephanie. We had Chick-fil-A, which is so delicious and what I miss about working in the mall in Arkansas. Then we headed back to her place to hang out and knit. We chatted for a while, then I went back to the shop so Timm and I could go home. We watched the sunset on our drive and Timm said he hoped we would make it back into town before the sun went down so we could find a good place to watch it. Unfortunately the sun moved faster than us so we settled for eating the yummy dinner his mom had made. After dinner Timm suggested we go get ice cream. I said sure. We headed out the door and I grabbed Timm's hoodie cuz I thought I'd be cold walking over to the gas station. Then we got outside and Timm was getting in the car. I said we should just walk cuz it's so close. Timm said no we need to take the car. I insisted that I needed to burn some of the calories of the ice cream and Timm said we need to take the car. So I got in and we started driving. Then Timm drove past the gas station and headed north of town. He asked me to put on the Brad Paisley CD because he had a riff stuck in his head and he couldn't figure out which song it was from. Then Timm turned onto a dirt road and pulled over and asked if I would dance with him. I said yes. So he asked me to get out and tell him when the music was loud enough. He turned up the music and changed the track to "I Hope That's Me" and came over and started dancing.
Then on the third verse that says, "Somebody's gonna buy a ring,
Somebody's gonna make you cry,
Somebody's gonna lift that veil,
And get to look into your eyes,
And I hope that's me, I hope that's me."
He got down on one knee and pulled a box out of his pocket. He asked if I would marry him and I said yes. (I also at some point asked him if he was serious and he's giving me shit about it, but I said at least that means I wasn't expecting it haha). I knew from the unique box that it was one of the rings we saw together in Portland.

It's perfect, I couldn't be happier. This is my apology for the near future of this blog being about weddings.

-The future Mrs. McKenny