Thursday, November 24, 2011


Well I guess I failed at NaBloPoMo, but I think that the activities that occurred in place of blogging were well worth it. On Tuesday, I drove to Iowa to spend Thanksgiving with Timm's family. After dinner Timm and I were exhusted so we passed out and completely forgot about blogging. Then we woke up Wednesday and Timm pointed out that we had failed to blog so I decided I would do it while I stayed home with Timm's mom that day and worked on homework. That plan was ruined when this munchkin showed up. 
This is Timm's adorable niece that I got to play with on Wednesday afternoon. We had a lot of fun passing the electronics back and forth, finding out that the answering machine talks and other things that 16 month olds are interested in. Needless to say, I also didn't get as much homework done as I should have.
Then after Timm, his dad, his sister and future brother-in-law made their way home we had a delicious dinner.
Not to upstage today's Thanksgiving feast, of course.
After lunch, Timm, his brother and I headed out to show Jon the 46. But they got distracted by guns. They even convinced me to shoot (proof is on Timm's blog).
Before heading home we had Timm's mom make sure to get a picture of us looking good.
Now I'm gonna mix up a Cranberry Buckle for the morning (before we go see the Huskers (hopefully) kick some Iowa ass) and then hit up Target's black Friday sales (eek!) Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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