Sunday, November 6, 2011

The calm before the storm

I tried to spend today being a combo of productive but relaxed. Knowing that this week is gonna kick my a$$ I figured I shouldn't study too hard today and burn myself out. I thought about going to church this morning but didn't make it out if bed quite early enough so my day started with running errands instead. Hit up two grocery stores to hopefully get enough food for the next couple weeks and not be stuck eating microwave meals the whole time. Then I came home and worked on homework for a bit while watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent (discovered last night that they'd posted more seasons since I went through and watched all the episodes his summer). Then did more homework while playing the sims and knitting. As I started to get hungry I headed into the kitchen and mixed up some (and by some I mean enough to feed me for 2 weeks) chili!

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