Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day two: Check!

I don't know whether to be glad Tuesday's over with or not. I don't feel ready for the rest of this week right now, but on the other hand I'm definitely ready for it to be over with. Today was relatively uneventful: school then home and studying and eating. That's about it. I got together with my partner for Thursday's practical and went over our plan for that, so at least that's done. Neuro test is at 8 in the morning and I'm gonna be real honest that I'm not as prepared as I should be, but I'm just gonna take the hit on this one. I've done well on everything else so if tomorrow doesn't go great it'll be fine. (Meditation for the night C's make PTs) The only other remotely exciting thing for the day is that both sleeves are done on the sweater. Now all I have left is the trim for the pockets and to finish weaving in ends. Hopefully it'll be done in time for Timm to take pictures of it this weekend for me. Hope you all have a wonderful hump day tomorrow!

Also: Heard today the Duggar's annoucned they're 20 and Counting as my mother said "oh my goddd"

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