Thursday, November 17, 2011


I surprised myself with how productive I was tonight. I could have gotten one more thing done to be really impressed, but I still did way better than the last few days. I still failed at taking pictures today, but hopefully tomorrow while Kristin is here I can find something picture worthy. The biggest news of the day is that I don't have to redo my cardio practical. My meeting with Dr. Norman went well. He gave me good feedback about my exam going smoothly and he felt like I was professional and interacted well with my patient. He said he heard the 5 min warning and knew I didn't have very much left and thought I was home free so he was shocked when I didn't finish in time to close. He understood why I double checked what I did and said that with my findings he felt like I would have struggled to close with the patient anyhow. Basically he said he wasn't planning on having me come back unless I wanted to. Considering that last night I figured out we only have 16 days of school left and in the time frame we have 2 group projects, 2 assignments, a quiz, a musculo practical and 6 tests, I think I'll pass on redoing my cardio practical.

I haven't been doing the 1 thing you're thankful for every day in November. But after a message from Timm saying "sarah baker, thank you very very very much for not being an over dramatic cunt. it so ridiculously apreciated" I thought I'd sum up a little of the awesomeness that is Timm, that I'm thankful for. So Timm, thank you for being the most honest, trustworthy person I know, that handles my stressed out mode well 99% of the time. Thank you for warming up my hands and my heart. Thanks for appreciating my nerdiness and usually not making fun of it. You balance me out super well and I can't wait to see all the awesome things we're going to do together!

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