Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day Three: DONE!

Hump day is over! Just 2 more days till this ridiculous week can be a
thing of the past.
Today we had the neuro test at 8. I think it went fairly well. Then we
had musculo lab. Our professor was saying she knew we had a lot going on
this week and could tell we were tired so she'd go easy on us. She asked
'If we were all pre-occupied with Cardio?' The class mumbled and
grumbled about Neuro. And she said "Neuro?" and we grumbled that we had
a test. And she said 'This morning? Like right before you came to lab?'
After the collective yes from the class, she said 'Oh my, no wonder
you're all out of it.' We had neuro lab after lunch, where we were given
another assignment due next week. On the way there one of my classmates
tripped going up a few steps and after lab another classmate ran halfway
into a wall. I think there's a general lack of sleep in the PT2 class.
After school I went to Whole Foods for knit night. It was a nice break.
I didn't get much done on my sweater. Both pocket trims are knitted and
the first one is sewn on. Guess the other one is waiting till tomorrow.
Got some Banana Split Gelato before heading home.
Tomorrow is the Simulation Experience with the $50k mannequin that talks
to you. Hopefully it goes well and we don't drop him on the floor or rip
out any of its lines.

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