Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Tonight wasn't Gonna be a Wedding Post, then I Checked the Mail

We got our first snow of the season in Nebraska today. I didn't appreciate it, but at least it held off longer this year than it has in years past. I would have appreciated it more if today wasn't the day of our Neuro Practical in Lincoln. My group left Omaha at 11:30 in rain and by the time we got to Lincoln at 12:20 it had turned to snow. Our practical went well despite being damp with cold toes while we performed it. Afterward, I sent the rest of my group back to Omaha and went to have coffee with a girl that I knew only on Ravelry. She's a fellow moderator on the engagement/wedding forum and a super cool girl. I'm glad I got to meet her in real life and hang out and I hope we'll get to do it again soon. I intended to take a pic specifically for the blog but forgot.

Then I came home and met back up with my group to do our write up for the practical. Then on to knit night which was a small group tonight.

When I finally came home at 8:30 I was pretty tired and forgot to grab the mail on the way in, but decided it was prolly worth going back outside to check it and I'm sooo glad I did! Timm’s engagement ring came in today!! So the back story is that he told me if I get 2 rings, he wants 2 rings too, which I was fine with. But then we decided that my e-ring was kinda better on its own than with something else and that all FH wanted for a wedding band was a solid yellow gold band (boring ;-)). But then a few weeks ago while I was at the Farmer’s Market I saw the Spoon Jewelry booth and remembered that I’d told Timm in the beginning of the summer (pre-proposal) that he could use a spoon ring for an e-ring because I’ve always like them, so I poked around to see if they had any giant ones and then went on my way. The next week FH was at the Farmer’s Market with me and as we wondered near the booth, I asked what he thought about an engagement spoon ring. He liked the idea so we poked around and he found one he really liked, but it was not in giant size. The people thought that they had the spoon’s twin at home and told me they would make it and send it to me! So without further ado:
photo 3.JPG
See not kidding GIANT ring. A quarter will sit in it but not go quite all the way through.
photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG

Timm liked this ring because it had a rose on the outside and a daisy on the inside and after seeing this he promptly said “Like Mmmbop 'Can you tell me if it’s goning to be a daisy or a rose?'" I pointed out to him tonight that there’s an A inscribed on it (for the original spoon owner) and asked him if we were gonna say it stood for my middle name and his response was “I saw it on the other one, I figured it could stand for Always.” Such a dork.

Now I need to go study for my EKG quiz tomorrow. I'll leave you with my favourite pic, which hopefully Clay can take a better version of at some point.

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