Friday, November 25, 2011

Go Big Red!

After going to Target at midnight solely for Timm's x-mas gift, we grabbed some (not enough) sleep and headed to Lincoln. I'm sure if you want to hear about going 10 mph half the way there Timm ranted about it on his blog. But we made it in time for kick-off without extra time sitting in the cold so I didn't mind. Actually it wasn't that cold today.
Notice all the people and seats behind us? That's because this is how close we were to the field. It was awesome. We could read the names on the player's jerseys! I even somewhat knew what was going on for most of the game.

Nebraska has a tradition of releasing a balloon when we score our first points. They sure looked cool under the grey clouds.
After the game we were both starving (especially me because I did not partake in disgusting hot dogs at the game) so we headed south to Macaroni Grill. We ate a Macaroni Grill in Portland last spring and it was awesome, but there's not one in Omaha so it only seemed right to hit it up while we were in Lincoln. I got the combo of Mushroom soup and Carmela's Chicken. It was pretty good, but definitely not as good as our experience in Portland and the service today sucked!

After we got back to Omaha we picked up Timm's suits, which apparently feel like butter on his skin (again probably explained better on his blog). And then went to the Muppet Movie!!! It was so good and reminded me of the good ole days as a CHUMP (College Hill United Methodist Puppeteer). Now I think it's time for bed before I have to face working at the mall tomorrow.

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