Monday, November 1, 2010

rainy days and mondays always get me down

Today wasn't rainy, but it was definitely a Monday. So let's get a little motivation going on, shall we?

Much better! Although now all I wanna do is dance and not study. Hanson is working on a REFRESH campaign to try and get their video count up on YouTube and MySpace. They have promised the Fansons a live streaming Christmas special if the views are up to 1 million and 2 million, respectively. I complained to Timm that even if they get the views up and do the special, I won't have anyone to watch and appreciate it with me, as I will be going to my parents for Christmas and can't convince him to go with me. However, Timm said yesterday that he might go to "hell" with me for X-mas if they meet their goal and end up doing the X-mas special. So REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH (and yes that's Weird Al playing the tambourine in the red pants).

In other news, we cut our cadaver's heart open today at school, which 1)sounds pretty bad-ass and 2) was pretty cool. It surprisingly looked a lot like the text book pictures (and even though you would think a lot of things do, most of them don't). I also had a forced meeting with my advisor, where I did not get kicked out of school!! I wasn't worried that I would be, but sometimes it's nice to be told you're doing well and then asked if you're still managing to sleep and eat well and stay healthy (all of which feel debatable at times).

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