Sunday, November 7, 2010

soul food

Timm and I enjoyed our extra hour of sleep last night (thank you daylight savings), but still felt like zombies this morning. Big bowls of chili helps to make us a little more human, before I had to head to work for the afternoon.
Somedays I really hate working at the mall and today was definitely one of those days. (insert rant here) if you need to wear shorts under your shorty shorts-they are too short; if I can see your ass-they are too short. Also,bit is November in Nebraska, you should be wearing sweaters not short-shorts! I just really don't understand people. Especially the ones that come up at 6:15 when your lights are off and you're counting down your drawer and then are shocked when you tell gem your closed. Sooo, to make up for my stressful day at work, Timm and I went out for dinner at Mother India and ate our weight in Indian food. It was delicious as always and I'm still stuffed a couple hours later.

Back to school tomorrow, with two tests this week it's bound to be fun (yeah right). But, we're on week 12 out of 17 so it feels like the end is in sight. I'm just super ready for thanksgiving at the moment (although I did get a text from my dad today informing me he needed my x-Mas list by thanksgiving if I wanted any gifts).

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