Monday, November 29, 2010

not much to say tonight

I'm cramming for my physiology test tomorrow. I'm really excited to get it over with. I'm devouting tomorrow to cleaning and reorganizing before I start in on all the last round of test material. Only 17 days (not counting today) left in the semester!!! We got our grades for the test before break back today. The class average for the short answer portion was a 66% :-o. Needless to say it's my worst test grade in that class and I hope to make up for it with the final.

The only other thing of note today is that I came home and my roommate had sat a magazine on my desk. I was on the phone to my mother and said "What did your mother do?!" Apparently, she got me a subscription to Ladies Home Journal (cause you know I magically turned 40 over night). I now have "84 ideas for the happiest holiday ever." I bet that they don't include drop out of school so you can have your time, money, life and sanity back. It also informs me how to stash more for retirement (I think not having 100k in student loans would be the first thing they'd advise). Well I better go study more so all this debt isn't in vain.

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