Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On an island in the sun, we'll be playing and having fun.

Pretty uneventful day again. It was really warm here today which was nice but isn't helping me prepare for the freezing that will soon be upon us.

Took my physiology test, which went pretty well I think, hopefully we'll get the grades tomorrow. Then had living anatomy where we watched someone get an ultrasound. I had one in July to diagnose my gallstones so I wasn't surprised by anything. Then we drew all over each other finding landmarks for organs in the abdomen (note to self: washable marker = not that easy to wash off). We had two hours of lab where we tried to find arteries in the abdomen (let's not talk about how that went).

Came home and made dinner. Bet your's wasn't as yummy as mine!

Then watched Glee which was awesome tonight. I think it's so great that they really try to tackle issues that are important in a funny and interesting way. Unfortunately, probably many of the people I would like to see and hear about these issues wouldn't watch Glee if they were paid to.

Now I'm doing my reading for class tomorrow and knitting socks at the same time. Really ready for these socks to be done because I'm so excited for a new pattern I found.

Soooooo close to finishing. I still don't like the square toe so I may be figuring out how to change it to something more appealing. I'm also on a quest to find clear rain-boots to rock these socks with but no luck. If you know anywhere I can find some please let me know!

[Also: sorry for the pictures being so funky lately, it's the app that I'm using to update from my iTouch. Hopefully, I'll find an app I like soon that doesn't do weird things. For now, the pics will be edited when I'm on my computer]

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