Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't tell me you're sorry cuz you're not

Today was a better day. I haven't been as productive on the studying front as I would have liked, but I've still got a few hours. I was a "patient" for the PT2's practical this morning, which will hopefully help me know what to expect next year. Then an hour of physiology lecture and two and a half of lab. Today was our last structured lab of this unit the only other lab we have between now and thanksgiving is a review lab and then the practical. I headed home and grabbed my laundry after school then went to the laundromat. After I threw my clothes in the washer I headed over to grab dinner at California Taco. I got a delicious chimichangas (which I totally got a pic of before I could devour it but I can't get it uploaded right now I'll try to add it tomorrow). Then I went to get cat food and gloves for lab. Figured out what Voodoo is getting for x-Mas while I was at petsmart. Studying the heart for the rest of the night. Hope your's is more exciting.

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