Wednesday, November 3, 2010

three for three (in which i'm thoroughly impressed with myself)

I updated from my iPod Touch last night, but I'm not too thrilled with how the post looks on the computer, so back to the computer to post tonight. Hopefully, I can get a few things figured out and be posting from the iPod again soon.

I really wanted to do a Walking Wednesday, where I went for a walk and took cool pictures (especially with all the leaves changing and falling, it's so beautiful out), but it got dark too fast. I was in class from 8-5:15 today which was waaay too long in my opinion. I stopped at home to switch backpack for purse and headed to Whole Foods for knit night. By the time I headed home it was already dark. Hopefully next week, with an hour less of class and daylight savings, I can try to do this.

Knit night is always a lot of fun and my way of keeping in touch with the real world that doesn't involve school. Tonight I stuck around longer than I should have, but also enjoyed some delicious pasta and veggies and then later gelato (pumpkin pie!!!). Tonight I was showing off the next pair of socks in my queue, that I'm super excited about (more info another day), when one of the ladies told me I am "like a Mensa knitter." Yeah my head still fit through the door to come home but barely ;-). My hat didn't get dry last night or today, but it feels like it might be ready by tomorrow (if it is I'll have someone snap a pic at school).

Sorry for the lack of pics today, as I said before it was a super long day at school and now I need to get homework done. I know I said forever ago that I wanted to get "after" pictures of the apartment and I've never gotten it done. I was thinking since I'll be posting everyday maybe I'll just do a room a day (not only will it eliminate a photo-heavy post, but it also means I only have to clean one room at a time ;-)). I'm also excited to swap out my summer and winter clothes this weekend, I wanna make sure the sweaters are accessible before I really need them, plus I really miss a lot of my sweaters that have been packed up, so that's the to-do list for the much anticipated weekend.

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