Monday, November 8, 2010

did you know the digestive system is basically a mini-brain that can control itself?

Today started off with a phone call that our 10 am class was being postponed because our professor was ill. It was awesome to roll over and tell Timm I didn't have class until 1 and fall back asleep. It did mean that my morning was completely unproductive but that I got to hang out with Timm for about 4 more hours than I expected. When we finally forced ourselves out of bed, I made us grilled cheeses for lunch and then made him drive me to school on his way to poke around downtown.

Four hours of lecture later, he picked me up and we headed back to the apartment. I made a delicious dinner and we ate before he left to go back to Iowa.

Yummm chili, stuffed mushrooms, and acorn squash.

I packed him some goodies to take home (leftover tomato soup cake, pumpkin bread and some French onion soup things that I found at aldi's). Then I watched House, before settling down to study for my test tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty tired so I might put off the rest of my studying till morning.

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