Tuesday, November 30, 2010

last day of NaBloPoMo

I can't believe I successful posted every day in November. I feel so accomplished. Which only half way makes up for how unaccomplished I was on the physiology exam today. Apparently sometime in the last few weeks our physiology class changed it's name to BioChem. The test was horrible. It focused on tiny, tiny details that even the PA students don't care about and the PTs really don't care too much about the endocrine system as a whole. There were hardly any questions on the reproductive systems (which made up about 1/3 of our notes and was what I actually understood) and there was a page and a half of questions about the thyroid which we only spent one day of lecture on. It was ridiculous. According to some of my classmates there were multiple questions that had more than one correct answer (I was unaware that any of them were right). I don't think I've ever guessed so much on a test in my life.

After the test we had two hours of anatomy lecture. The first of which most people dazed off through. The second one our 80 year old professor explained sex to us, which was hilarious. He told us that there's a center in the brain that elicits orgasm and if he put an electrode on it and gave us a button to control it we would all push the button until we died. "You wouldn't eat, you wouldn't sleep, it would just be orgasm 24/7."

After that we got out of class an hour earlier than usual, just in time for the first day of the ice rink being open! A group of the PT students decided that it was the perfect solution to our craptastic day so we bundled up and headed out. After all getting the correct skates and wristbands we hit the ice for about 45 mins. I have a feeling my legs will be feeling it tomorrow. I do have to report that despite betting that I would be the first to fall down, I didn't fall down at all! I bought a season skate rental pass so I will hopefully be going many more times between now and spring break.

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  1. looks like fun, congrats on not busting your ass on the ice. haha