Monday, November 22, 2010

Did you know . . .

That for four weeks in utero our intestines leave our abdomen because the liver is hogging all the space and they need room to grow too. In the process the intestines will rotate 270 degrees. Eventually, there will be about 22 feet of intestines attached to about a 7 inch long base of mesentary. I think that's pretty crazy.

As you can tell, I'm still studying away. We had our practical (with living anatomy) today. I think the practical went fairly well after getting a general consensus from other students afterwards on some of the answers. I was really excited because they announced at the beginning that one of our living stations was being thrown out because the equipment wasn't working properly (yay for not identifying heart sounds and breath sounds!). However, I may have gotten a better score on living if we had the heart and breath sounds. I apparently don't know my right from my left and need to be faster at finding landmarks. We'll see how many points I lost for those stupid mistakes.

Gonna be a late night, still got plenty of studying to do and packing to head to Timm's after the test tomorrow (yay for skipping physiology on Wed!)

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