Sunday, November 14, 2010

nothing interesting to share today

Was at the mall for 10 hours today, only 2 of which I wasn't on the clock. It wasn't quite as busy as yesterday, which is good, considering how low our stock was running. I ran down to Old Navy while I was waiting for the staff meeting. I was hoping to find khaki corduroys on sale but no luck. I did however find a few cute shirts at least one of which will be good for clinicals. I'm feeling super stressed out right now because my next anatomy exam is a week from tomorrow and I feel like I know next to none of the material. I also don't want to completely slack on physiology and neuro and have to play catch-up later. The physiology exam is right after Thanksgiving and since I have to work Black Friday and all weekend I know I won't get a whole lot done. Hopefully, I'll be in a better mood and have more positive things to say tomorrow.

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