Thursday, November 4, 2010

it just keeps getting colder

Actually that's not entirely true, it's been relatively warm considering its the start of November. But today was particularly windy and I've been feeling that winter is slowly creeping up on us. This feeling has been manifested in me wanting to cook and bake and knit and snuggle under blankets with kitties (or you know just about anything but homework).

My hat was actually dry this morning (well I should say afternoon, as I didn't have class until 1). I didn't expect it to stretch quite as much as it did and I probably could have made the medium length. Someone commented a couple post down about what pattern it was, so I've included the details below the pictures.

Pattern: Brambles Beret (Knitty, Deep Fall 10, Ravelry)

Yarn: Cascade 220 (forget the name of the colour-way, but it's leftovers from my Mrs. Darcy Cardigan and it basically used up all my leftovers less than a skein)

Needles: Brittany DPNs 4s and 6s

This pattern was the first one in a while that I looked at and said "Oh my gosh, I want this. I want to knit this right now!" There are plenty of patterns that I appreciate and add to the list of things to knit eventually, but I literally cast on for this hat within days of seeing the pattern and set aside my other WIPs. I knit the medium size around and the long length (mostly because I like slouchy and have a lot of hair). As I mentioned above though, it stretched a lot to block it and I probably could have gone with the medium length. The band size was almost perfect, I still pinned it into my hair but mostly because it was so windy today. It was a pretty simple pattern. I love the mix of textures and how it looks like a flower on the back. I have a feeling this hat will get made many more times and possibly for Christmas gifts. I think I might make Eleanor to go with it, as I have a wool sport weight in almost the exact same colour in my stash. I'd also like to thank one of my lab partners, Becca, for taking the pics after lab today.

Speaking of lab, we saw the testicles today and took the skin and fat off the abdomen. We got to see our cadaver's abs and all the fascia that creates the look of six-pack abs in fit people. Part of our group continued dissecting the thorax and by the end of lab we could see all sorts of cool stuff including the trachea, which I think looks like the kinky straws that you get as a kid, because of the cartilage rings around it.

Then I went to the grocery store and came home and started to cook.

Any guesses?

Yep! Chili!!!! Growing up it seemed like this was always the time of year for chili (as I'm sure it is for a lot of people). I've also been a little homesick lately, partially because I haven't been home since May and partially because I won't be able to go home for Thanksgiving this year and I've never missed Thanksgiving with my family (although I'm sure it will be tons of fun with Timm's family this year). So I made chili exactly the way my mom makes it:

Yes, there's macaroni noodles in there. Timm says that it may be good with macaroni, but it's not chili anymore and I have to disagree. But either way it's delicious and even though I'd already had dinner hours ago, I still had to dip myself up a bowl and chow down.

It definitely hit the spot. I made ~4.5 quarts, so I'm really hoping Timm consumes a lot while he's here this weekend or I'll end up eating chili till Thanksgiving. Now I gotta get some homework done, so I won't be doing it the entire time Timm is here (just most of it).

If you haven't dropped by Timm's blog today, you should. I'll warn you that it's pretty depressing, but definitely worth the read.

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