Thursday, November 11, 2010

not enough hours in the day

Not much to say today. I'll post details about the socks tomorrow hopefully. I'm just really scatter-brained tonight. I have a test tomorrow, but I can't focus to study. I really just want to watch a movie or TV and sleep. I'm hoping the tea I just made will inspire me a little bit.

Today in lab, we saw a "surgery" on a lightly embalmed cadaver. It reaffirmed that I don't want anything to do with surgery and PT was a good career choice. Then we found the rest of the major blood supply to the GI tract, before removing the entire system from our cadaver. I'm pretty sure my hands will permanently smell like formaldehyde after the amount of time and depth that I had my hands in his abdomen. I also think that I'm starting to get a reaction from my gloves (or the embalming fluid seeping through the gloves) because my hands are really splotchy and not happy tonight.

The most exciting thing right now is that Trader Joe's opens tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited to go buy lots of yummy food.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a more inspiring post about Trader Joe's and socks!

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