Saturday, December 4, 2010

The end is in sight (I hope)

Sorry for the immediate lack of updates.

The test I took on Tuesday that didn't go so well, really didn't go so well the average ended up being 60% after apparently they added 3 points. I got a 51% which I can't say I was too upset about considering the average. Some of my classmates went to look at their tests with their notes in hand. One of them asked the professor about a specific question which the suggested textbook answered one way and the professor had told us the opposite. The professor informed her that the book was wrong and he taught physiology the 'right way.'

Finding this out on Wednesday before knit night, I enjoyed a nice glass of wine with my pizza at Whole Foods. I've turned the heel on my bird sock, but I haven't gotten much further while I've been studying.

Some of our lectures this week have been really amusing. Our 80 year old professor was doing the pelvis demo and telling us about kegal's. I mentioned that Michelle Duggar needed kegal's. Apparently he had never heard of her. I explained that they had 19 kids and despite complications with the last one they said they'd take more if God blessed them that way. His response was 'well God didn't put that sperm in her vagina!'

I ran some errands this morning trying to get stuff done for Xmas while I'm not completely cramming for finals. I didn't find an ugly xmas sweater for parties after tests are over but I did find an awesome sesame street sheet that will eventually be an awesome article of clothing (I hope).

After class today I went ice skating again, still didn't fall! Starting to work on skating backwards which makes a whole different set of muscles sore. I made a date with a couple of my fellow tortured souls to go again.

Time to get back to studying!

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