Sunday, October 31, 2010

sometimes I need more than what's left at the end of the day

I am still alive. Life has been crazy! I'm pretty sure I always say that, but especially since the last post. 18 credit hours, working 12 to 15 hours a week and studying. And studying means at LEAST 2 hours every night or I feel like I'm not learning anything. I've been knitting the least amount since I started knitting sophomore year of high school (almost exactly 7 years ago). The only new knitting pics I have for you are of my shawl. Timm & I went out for a fancy dinner to celebrate our one year anniversary and I got to be all snazzy looking.

And then this can also be considered knitting content. For a Halloween party at the beginning of the month, I dressed up as a crazy knitting lady! I added a "noro" stripey scarf after this pic was taken. One of my classmates asked if I had knit my cardigan. I responded with "I knit everything I'm wearing except my shoes and the things you can't see." (Yes that's Voodoo's tail making an appearance).

As I mentioned earlier, I'm in class a lot and studying a lot. And sometimes (ok, most of the time) I don't get a bunch of sleep and I start to nod off in class or at home while I'm studying. Or sometimes I'm studying and KNOW that I was sleeping in class when I took a specific set of notes, such as this beauty:

(Yeah, don't ask me what it says, I'm really not sure)

So when I'm not studying (or sometimes when I am and stress-eating), I bake. I've been trying to find little things I can do to save money/waste less food/not eat the same thing everyday for a month. I started freezing some of my fresh vegetables (some work better than others). And I'm trying to use powdered milk in things that call for milk. I can't drink milk by itself (well not cow's milk anyway) and I kept throwing away the majority of the milk I bought or not buying milk to prevent wasting it and then not being able to make mac & cheese, etc.

Here's some of my latest yummies:

The above cinnamon rolls were Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls from Flour Mayhem (see link in the side bar). I had some issues with them (mostly never using yeast before). They still tasted delicious, but they were dense from not really rising. I'll definitely be making them again and hopefully (with the knowledge the internet has given me) they will rise.

I signed up to do NaBloPoMo. So hopefully, I will be posting everyday for the month of November. (Even if it's only a picture and a few sentences). After the head and neck exam in Anatomy, I've heard things go downhill, so far they haven't much but this week we don't have a test in any of our classes which is a big relief.

I will leave you with cute cat pictures.
Sometimes Dexter and Voodoo snuggle, sometimes they don't.

And Happy Halloween (now that it's almost over)!!!

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