Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow and more snow

My mom keeps asking me (each time I complain that it's cold here) why I'm not going to grad school in Florida or somewhere else warm. I always reply that then I wouldn't have anything to knit. She always suggest bikinis, but I refuse to knit bikinis! I like socks and sweaters too much.

Tomorrow I have my first interview with a grad school. It's also my top choice school. So I'm crossing my fingers as I knit tonight. We're supposed to be getting another blizzard, which I'm hoping will hold off until my interview is over otherwise it'll be super fun getting there and back and doing the walking tour.

Hopefully knitting content soon. I'm working on socks and then maybe Mrs. Darcy if the freebie yarn I have works out for it. Otherwise I'm on a quest to match a pattern to a yarn with no labels, awesome ;-).

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