Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let's try this again . . .

Last year I made an attempt at working on my blog. Clearly, it didn't last for very long. This year I'm hoping to actually stick to it and try to get at least on post in a week.

While reading the YarnHarlot's new years post on changes, I realized how much change has occurred for me in the past year. The first several months of the year were pretty average with school and life. I had surgery right before Christmas last year and had to deal with the aftercare for the first few months of the year, but other than that there was nothing too eventful. In May I convinced my parents to let me live with my then boyfriend of 4+ years for the summer, hoping to reestablish residency in Kansas to get in-state tuition for grad school. I spent the summer at living at my boyfriend's father's house and working almost full time at a little Dairy Queen. By the end of the summer I'd realized many things, including that I was being treated like crap by someone that was supposed to care about me. I also realized that I was being more of a mother than a girlfriend and that he could never deal with his own issues if I was always taking care of him. I continued to live at his dad's house after the breakup for 3 weeks until moving back to school. Most people thought that sounded crazy but it was either that or move back to my parents' and not have a job or anyone to hang out with so lots of time to wallow. Luckily, his dad was really understanding and kinda told me that he would have thought something was wrong with me if I hadn't broken up with him for all the shit he'd pulled and told me to let him know if I ever needed anything.

As I was moving back to school my grandmother on my father's side was hospitalized and the day after I moved in she passed away. I flew to Indiana and back in 3 days before classes started. It was really sudden and thus harder to deal with. She was the woman that taught me to knit when I was 8 and the woman who inspired my sewing and quilting skills. As we went through her sewing room I was able to take her serger (that's infinitely better than mine) and what I think was her first sewing machine, I haven't been able to use either of them yet, but hopefully soon. I also acquired some books, fabric, yarn, buttons, and knitting needles and crochet hooks.

I was wanting to get my knitting tattoo, before Granny passed away, but it seemed that much more fitting to get it after all of that, so I set up an appointment with a friend of a friend that I'd met a few times to tattoo me. Facebooking back and forth with the guy to set up the appointment, turned into texting back and forth about life, which turned into 2 dates before he tattooed me. I don't know which turned out better: the tattoo or the guy. As I type this I'm sitting in his living room after spending New Year's together and honestly my cheeks hurt from smiling so much in the last couple of days.

In addition to all these changes, I also have officially graduated with my Bachelor's! I have applied to Physical Therapy schools and am waiting for my two interviews in the next week and a half. I'm really hoping to get in to school in Omaha. And if I do I already have a job lined up! For now I have to wait patiently (not) and with no school work and no job while I'm waiting that leaves lots of time for knitting! (Which is almost a problem considering I knit the Owls sweater in 3 days!)

Hopefully there will be another post soon that's more knitting and less personal crap.

Hope your 2010 has started off as well as mine has!

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