Saturday, May 14, 2011

Been awhile . . .

So I totally expected to be less busy this semester than last, but I wasn't. Then the further behind I got on blogging the less I wanted to blog and try and play catch up. So I finally decided to not try and catch you up (sorry :-( you can see a bit of what's been going on in my life on Timm's blog) and just start from recently. I've had the last week and a half off of school between spring and summer semesters. I figured now is as good a time as any before I start classes again on Monday. I've been trying to get a lot done so everything is cleaned and organized to last the next 6 weeks of summer semester without going crazy.

Last weekend, I traveled up to Wayne, NE to attend Timm's sister, Mary's, graduation party (I missed the ceremony because of work). I got to see a lot of Timm's family (including his adorable niece) and generally have a good time. We then traveled back to Timm's house. We tried to make dry ice bombs, but they didn't work so instead we put the dry ice in the birdbath with water - Timm and I decided that all birdbaths should look like this.

Then we made pretzels, but not just any pretzels. A few weeks ago, I came up with the idea of pretzel sticks filled with cheese similar to the stuffed crust on pizza. So we experimented! They worked and were delicious!! We also made normal pretzels, which were also good but not as good as cheesiness. I'll have to perfect them a bit then post the recipe on here :-).

Then I came home on Tuesday and was home for a few days, so I continued cleaning and organizing and . . . SEWING MY CURTAINS!! Not only did I manage to finish the first set that I started over Christmas break, but I made the second set AND the flouncy things. My room is now officially a cave, which is not good for getting up in time for class, but is good for afternoon naps and when the summer session is over and I don't have to get up! Before and after shots (I'm not sure if you can see the difference in light that it lets in but it is definitely drastic):

I finished my first bird sock while in Portland for spring break, but I'm still at work on the second one. I'll share this picture even though it's old because it's very exciting ;-). I pretty much had everything other than the second bird sock off the needles so I was looking for a new project. I bought a Crazy Zauberball to make the Helix Scarf, but when I started it I wasn't overly impressed.
I love the yarn!! The colours, the way it feels, that it's a little uneven in spots, all of it. I kept knitting hoping that it would start to take shape and to see what colour would come next. However, the scarf, itself, was not really turning out right. So now, I'm trying a different pattern and so far so good.

But the most exciting thing is that yesterday, I drove down to Manhattan, KS - home of Kansas State University. My best friend since about 8th grade, Kristin, graduated today with her Masters in Architecture which just makes me so proud! We hung out yesterday and explored Aggieville.

We found a donut shop, food carts in town for the TV show and awesome bling!
Today was full of festivities and boring speeches and food and all things that come with graduations. It was nice to see all of Kristin's family again. I lived with her and her parents my senior year of high school so I wouldn't have to move out of state with my parents and had gotten to know most of her extended family in the process, but that was 5! years ago (now I feel old).
There's pics of me and Kristin and one of Kristin with her boyfriend, Josh, he graduated from the same program, now I just ahve to convice them to design my dream house for me ;-).

Well it's late and for not having school all week it's been a long one. Hopefully, I'll start popping back in here more often, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you ;-p.

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  1. Wow, those socks are amazing!! I hope that someday I can get up the courage to attempt a complex project like that!