Thursday, May 26, 2011

I might be in a blue rut . . .

Before I get into my knitting antics, last week Timm came down for massage lab and a wedding. While he was here we went for a little walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the lovely flowers.

On Friday we went out to dinner at Pitch, a local coal fire pizza place. We hadn't been there before but I'd heard good things. We got sweet and spicy rosemary wings as an appetizer and a pizza with ricotta cream, prosciutto, arugula, caramelized onions, and mozzarella. I snapped a picture of the wings but forgot to get one of the pizza. Timm was not overly impressed with the pizza he thought it seemed bland. I think this was contributed to by the intense flavour of the wings before the pizza. I thought the pizza was pretty yummy, but it ended up making both of our stomachs angry.

The wedding on Saturday was for Timm's cousin, Mark and his lovely girl, Rachel. They're in Austria on their honeymoon right now, but I'm hoping to grab some Indian food with them when they get back. Timm & I looked pretty snazzy if I do say so myself ;-). He looked especially good when I stuck his nametag/ table marker on his head (that's what he gets for messing with his phone instead of talking to me).

Now on to the knitting content ;-)
I was really interested in participating in Project Spectrum, but the colour for May is red and everything I've had on the needles in May is blue (which is the colour for July). Hopefully next month (Green) will go better. For now I will have to admire everyone's red project and become inspired to work on something not blue. If you recall in my last post I was unhappy with the way the Zauberball was knitting up into the Helix scarf. So instead, I decided to use the yarn for Faraway, So Close. I started it last Monday in class. And had it off the needles this Tuesday evening.

On the blocking board, Voodoo for scale:

Today at lunch:

My friend and classmate, Sarah, was sitting at the table while I was having Meghan take the pictures. Sarah leapt up and tried to stick her head in the picture saying "I want to be on your blog!" I had Meghan finish taking pictures of the shawl and then went over to get a picture of Sarah Squared (sorry, my hair looks like it was attacking you).

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