Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Socks, Mittens and Corsets

I finally overcame my SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and SMS (Second Mitten Syndrome) and have cast on for both of them in the last few days. The second mitten seems to be going a lot faster than the first but I think that's because I'm not to the hard part yet. I don't think that my size 0 needles will ever be straight again and it seems like each time I try to straighten them out they just get bend the other direction. I cast on my second Anastasia Sock today at work and then basically knit the entire toe during Human Sexuality. I think that the provisional cast on looks a lot better this time, but we'll see in about 2 more rows when I pick up the stiches if they are giant like last time.
The reception of Clover on Ravelry seems to be wonderful - it's been favourited 99 times!! I just wish that I had it up to sell, but I have to wait on Casey to do some magic coding. Since I have no understanding of these things I also have no idea how long this might take. I was super excited when I saw someone who's blog I read favourited it though. I feel like I stalk so many people because I read their blogs and its nice to feel like I'm not so creepy anymore because now she knows who I am in some distant universe.
Today in my Period Patterning class we started our corsets! We had to blow up our patterns from the books their in and try to get them to the right size. I had intended on using the point-to-point method to blow mine up, but then I found out the scale was incredibly wonky, so I cheated and used the copy machine. Then I had to tack on seam allowance and cut it out of muslin to make a mock-up for fittings on Thursday. I haven't sewn it together yet, but that's tomorrow's project (as well as some intense GRE studying).

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