Monday, February 2, 2009

Knitty Rejected

This fall I designed a sweater dress, not a simple stockinette sweater dress, but an intricately cabled (and in my opinion gorgeous) sweater dress. I had the intention of submitting the pattern to Knitty for the Spring issue and knit as fast as I could to meet the deadline. I spent my entire Thanksgiving break sizing the pattern up and down to fit bust sizes from 28" - 52". The deadline was December 1st and I sent the pattern in a day in advance with a nice note thanking them for looking at my pattern. Since then I have been not so patiently waiting to here back.
Yesterday, I saw in my inbox an email with the subject Re:spring submission:Clover and I got all excited and nervous to open the email. As you can guess from the title of this post and the fact that I'm telling you all this - the pattern was rejected and will not be published. The only reason given was that they can't publish as many patterns as they receive. At least now I can finally post pictures on the internet and I'm going to try to sell the pattern individually on Ravelry once I get the programming figured out. So without further ado . . .

Raveled Here

To everyone who is coming here because they saw the pattern on Ravelry, "Hi, thanks for all the wonderful comments and I hope you'll all buy the pattern once I get it up and running!" It is by far one of the most fun things that I've knit (and I'm not just saying that because I designed it). But I do hope that if you buy it and find any kinks in the pattern you'll let me know, this is the first time I've tried to resize a pattern and write it for someone else to read. Hopefully, this is just the start of something and I'll have more patterns to come in the future (and maybe next time they'll be Knitty approved).


  1. I can't even imagine how this was turned down! It's honestly the prettiest sweater dress I have ever seen. Don't feel badly about the rejection from knitty- knitty will probably publish another 5 ho-hum sock patterns in that issue, instead of this clearly awesome dress, and it is their loss. Congrats on a stunning sweater dress, and a stunning design!!

    - Julie

  2. It is an absolutely gorgeous dress and you look amazing in it. Good luck with your pattern.