Sunday, February 8, 2009

GRE and the Search for a New Project

I spent the second half of last week stressing and cramming for the GRE. Jim told me on Friday to just let it go and I would be fine, but of course I wouldn't completely believe him. The GRE is like the SAT to get into grad school. The grad school I'm applying for Physical Therapy requires a 900 out of 1600 composite score on the verbal and math sections. While this never seemed that difficult, especially after three practice test that I consistently scored in the mid-1100s, I still made 200 flashcards and tried to learn vocab. Needless to say, with all this studying the knitting was put on hold. I took the test yesterday at the crack of dawn (ok, it was 8:30), and passed with flying colours. I thoroughly appreciated the math section that allowed me to score 100 points higher than I had been on the practice test.

Knitting resumed last night while having an Audrey Tautou double feature (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not and A Long Engagement, both of which I would highly recommend but beware you'll have to read subtitles). Unfortunately I wasn't counting correctly (could have been the celebratory Cream Soda "float") and had to rip out all the progress I made last night this afternoon. I'm also trying to play catch-up with all the classwork I put on hold for GRE studying, so it might be slow going.

Apparently, I didn't completely overcome SSS and SMS because I'm still lacking motivation to work on the sock and mitten and now I'm trying to find my next big project. I don't know that I have enough yarn in the school stash for a sweater unless it's lace weight, so I may have to work on a shawl until I go home at spring break and can get some yarn from that stash. Anyone have any suggestions? A shawl isn't practical for class knitting because all of the patterns I like are too attention demanding. I don't want to spend a lot of money but I really want something that is knit on 5s or larger (these 0s and 1s are killing my hands).

Corset Update: I fitted the mock-up on Thursday in class, it wasn't too far off and I only have to make a few small adjustments. I also found some fabric in my stash that was a tight weave and semi-period appropriate to be able to cover it. I'm going to flat-line the fashion fabric to the coutil and assemble the two sides tomorrow so I can bone it on Tuesday. Progress pictures soon hopefully!

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