Monday, September 10, 2007


I called yesterday and reserved my ticket to see The Harlot! I'm super excited. I've been trying to read Casts Off when I get a moment but most of my time has been spent studying how the kidneys work so I can afford to drive to Wichita instead of study next weekend. I've been trying to convince other people to go down with me so I don't have to pay for the gas by myself and I think I've finally roped someone into it. Not that it's at all like roping someone in because its totally going to be awesome. Anyway, on to my works in progress:
One sock down, one to go!
I really like the Red Herring socks, they have that colour work to make them not so boring, but they aren't lacy to make them too hard to work on in class. I did alter the length of the calf and changed the toe, but I'll save all that for when I'm actually done. I cast on the second one today so that I'll have a sock when I go see the Harlot.
The 1940s sweater I'm working on is coming along nicely and I really want to/need to get back to it. I'm to the point where I need to start the neck shaping and because I don't like the way the neck is in the pattern I've put off doing my own calculations and such. It also is too bulky to carry around with me on campus and work on in class so I've put it off until I can have some time alone with it. (If only I knew when that would be).
Other than those two I've been working on sewing curtains for my dorm room. I got the valences done last night and they look great (although it is fun trying to get them to stay up without putting holes in the wall, but that is for another blog post). The valences are pink and I made them out of the dust ruffle that came in my Bed-in-a-Bag. The curtains are going to be lime green to match the fabric that I used to cover something in my room last year. So hopefully I'll have those to show you all soon.

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