Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Harlot

The Yarn Harlot is coming on her book tour to my high school!!! This is enough to inspire me to start blogging lol. I'm super excited I love reading her blog and I never imagined that she would be so close to me (I mean really who comes to KS). True I'll have to drive like 4 hours to see her but it's totally worth it.

So I really need to get in the habit of updating this like every other day because I really am doing a lot of knitting (sewing too for that matter).

Right now I'm working on the Red Herring socks from the Fall 06 Knitty. I'm doing them in hot pink and grey, but sometimes the grey looks more brown next to the pink. I'm also working on a 1940s cabled sweater from a Vogue Knitting book that I stumbled across. I hate having so many projects going at once (I'm working on an afghan too but I left it at home when I came back to school) but the sweater was too big to carry around anymore. And if I'm going to see the Harlot I must being working on socks!

So hopefully I can get some pictures uploaded tomorrow and be a legitimate blogger.

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