Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Belated Harlot Update

So its been more than a week since I saw the Harlot (college life decreases time for blog updates). I still find it hard to believe and if I didn't have a picture with her I would think that I had just dreamed it up.

She is soooo funny! Her stories about various members of C.H.O.K.E. I totally can relate to. I am not a granny because I knit. Although luckily on campus its much more acceptable because it seems like half the girls in my dorm knit. But this summer whenever I was knitting in Arkansas it was like I had lost my mind or something (although that could be the lack of a need for knitting in AR). And I'm pretty sure my mother is a partial member of C.H.O.K.E. she's always trying to tell me that my stash is out of control and I need to use it or lose it. She also has totally informed me that I can buy socks at WalMart 6 for $2.50. As Stephanie said, "What are we going to say -Really? I never knew! I suppose you can buy sweaters too! Why am I sitting here wasting my time?" Yeah right! Knitting is the thing that keeps me awake in class so that I can get my education that isn't a waste of time lol.

In other news: My socks are done excepted for ends that need to be wove in. I'll have pictures soon.
I got one set of curtains finished while watching When Harry Met Sally this weekend, but the others on hold until I get done with the crazy school work that I have this week. So pictures will have to wait till I get the other set done and have a chance to clean the room and show all the crafty stuff my roommate and I have done.
At work in the costume shop the other day they got out all the yarn and sorted it by type into different tubs to be moved to our new fabric and such storage room because the shop is bursting at the seams. I think Ann hoped to be done with the sorting before I got there, but they weren't and I was so sad to see all the yarn be put away and none of it coming home with me. The problem is that we will probably never use it all in the costume shop because knitting is too time consuming for last minute costumes. I just don't understand why they can't donate some to my stash. Although, Ann yesterday at work when she said that they had found more yarn asked me what kind of yarn I liked. I'm not really sure if she was just inquiring or if she was leaning towards secretly donating some, we'll see what happens.

While going through pictures I found this one, which made me miss my sewing helper.
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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Re your comment on my blog and questioning how long it takes to get into Ravelry- I can't remember when I signed up, but if you go to the site you can find out where you are in the queue, so that might give you some idea. They are trying to speed up the invite process- I don't know why it takes so long to get in.
    (ps- you didn't leave your email address with your comment, which is why I'm replying here!)
    (pps- Wow you got to meet the Harlot! lucky you!)