Monday, June 21, 2010

Everything is New

I've been crazy busy since my last post. Looking for a new apartment, packing, moving to a new apartment, and then changing everything in the new apartment.

Dana and I looked at 7 apartments in one day. We really liked one of them, but someone had applied for it before us, so we were unable to get it. One of the last ones we looked at that day was basically what we were looking for, but it had gross carpet in the bedrooms and lots of strange paint colours. There was another unit in the same place that was opening up soon and we asked to look at it and see if it was better than the unit we had already seen. When we saw it we were impressed that it was hardwood throughout and that the wood was in good condition. The bedrooms we knew we would have to paint but we felt we could live with the rest of the apartment.

Note: For all pictures in this post. Click on them to see notes added on flickr.

On June 1st, we got our keys. The previous tenants had moved out the day before and no one had been in to clean or do repairs yet, but we said that was fine they could do that the first few days we were there. This was the first problem. I was expecting that the tenants moving out would leave the apartment how I would leave an apartment when moving out. WRONG! There were still hangers in the closet and stuff under the sink. Now that all the furniture had been moved we saw that there were problems with the walls in the living room and dining room.

The Red Dining Room

Brown Living Room and Taupey Hallway + Scary Timm

The maintenance guy stopped by after we had been there about an hour. He started going through and documenting all the problems the previous tenant had left. The refrigerator was filthy it had some strange coloured liquid in the bottom of it. Then he opened one of the drawers and there was evidence of roaches. Dana and I were freaked out to say the least.

The Blue Kitchen

The maintenance man was responsible for finding out what the previous tenants needed to be charged for. They get charged for the dirty oven, the dirty fridge, etc. They also get charged $15/ nail hole. The guy counted 106 nail holes throughout our apartment! That's $1,590 in charges for nail holes alone.

We knew we were going to be painting the bedrooms. So we started in on those the same day we got the keys.

One Wall of Dana's Room Before

One Wall of My Room Before

The Opposite Corner of My Room Before

And yes that last picture is colour accurate (on my computer at least).

Needless to say, we've been doing a lot of painting and a lot of cleaning. We scrubbed all the floors. And wiped down everything in the kitchen multiple times. The management company has sent the bug people out twice now to spray and we haven't seen any roaches since the first week. It's awesome to finally have a place that feels like home and somewhere that I'm not confined to one room. My parents are bringing me more furniture at the end of July during my dad's forced vacation (they have to shut down the plant he works at for 2 weeks because they aren't busy enough :-/). I'll have after pictures in the next few days I hope.

In other news, I have a new addition. It's a boy!!

Meet Voodoo. 14lbs of love and snuggling. He likes to nap, snuggle, carry on deep conversations about the state of the world (well at least his food dish) and occasionally chase lasers or other toys, but mostly just the napping.

I knit a tank top back in May that I still need to get pictures of. But the knitting has slowed down a bit since then. I also have put myself on a yarn diet to be able to afford my new kitty and all the expenses with that and also to be able to pay off my bed. So no new yarn for awhile (but honestly I have enough to keep knitting for a pretty long time without a problem).

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