Thursday, December 1, 2011

In which my yarn is bigger than your face

 This morning I had my musculo practical (this afternoon I found out I passed it!) Then I came home to nap. After my nap I headed to the yarn store to grab another skein for my mittens. I weighed it I used 28 grams/50 for the first mitten meaning I'll probably be a little short on this one. While I was there I decided I should really probably expand my christmas buying/knitting list. This lead to as the Yarn Harlot said today "a yarn accident." I won't show you all of what I got cuz it will give away my Christmas knitting plans. But I will show you the majority of my purchase $$wise is this 1450yd/1 pound skein of Moutain Colours Weaver's Wool. You'll have to wait and see what gets knitted up in the next 24 days!

Cat for scale 

Cell phone for scale

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